A development system designed for preschoolers

LOOX is a comprehensive system that helps preschool teachers monitor a child’s cognitive, emotional, social and motor development through early childhood.

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Child evaluations on LOOX

Check out the video to see how LOOX generates detailed reports for each child in your class.

LOOX enables preschool teachers to collect information quickly and efficiently,
and then … The system arranges all the information for you automatically! 

Under each category on the assessment page, you’ll find the appropriate sub-category and the notes you’ve made about each child.

A personal and in-depth report is created for each preschooler, which can be shared with parents or educational officials as needed.

How can LOOX help you ?!


First place in the Tel Aviv municipality’s competition for finding early childhood technology solutions

תמונת זכייה מ GESA

First runner-up in the GESAwards Global Education Startup competition

Introducing LOOX at the Shaping the Future Innovation Conference

רון חולדאי על לוקס

Tel Aviv Mayor Mr. Ron Huldai’s remarks on LOOX: “How to improve the quality of life for parents of toddlers with the help of technological tools?” read more

Introducing LOOX to a delegation of school principals from China

Bett 1

 At Bett – World Education Conference in London

Preschool teachers​

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LOOX is a comprehensive system that helps

preschools teachers to monitor a child’s
emotional, social and motor

development in the early childhood.

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Development categories

Sharing developmental activities

Annual planning

Group activities

Daily report (Up to 3Y)

Professional report for each child

Class snapshot

Developmental milestones (Up to 6Y)